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Is there a Job for You in Agriculture?

It’s the age-old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’ve often wondered this myself, and while I still don’t have a complete answer, I know I want to be in agriculture. Wisconsin agriculturists help to feed, fuel, and clothe communities not only in our state, but across the globe.

As our farmers and processors continue to become more productive to meet growing population demands, the diversity of jobs in Wisconsin agriculture will also continue to grow. Agriculture careers support many industries that include on-farm production, agriculture management and marketing, food science, financial planning, and more. Is there a job for you in agriculture? With more than 300 different jobs to choose from, there most definitely is a job that fits your interests.

Do you love SCIENCE?

You could be an … Agronomist.

An agronomist provides knowledge about proper soil management and crop production to farmers. They assist producers in choosing proper seeds and nutrients for their soil, managing their pesky weeds, and evaluating results from on-site field tests.

Do you love MATH?

You could be an … Agriculture loan officer.

Agriculture loan officers, or agricultural lenders, work to help farmers obtain funds needed to run their operation, purchase property, or invest in new equipment. Math is key for agriculture lenders, as they prepare balance sheets and evaluate financial standings of their customers.

Do you love ART?

You could be a … Cheesemaker.

Cheesemakers use both science and art to make cheese. While science directs the process

from turning milk into cheese, art is critical in developing the cheese’s flavor. Artistic talents are constantly needed to brainstorm and craft new varieties and flavors of cheese.

Do you love WRITING?

You could be an … Agriculture journalist.

Agriculture journalists help keep producers informed. Whether they are putting together an article on the latest innovation in crop management or the best way to care for a calf with pneumonia, agriculture journalists are crucial in dispersing information to farmers and industry professionals.

Do you love COMPUTERS?

You could be an … IT App Developer.

Yes, there are even smartphone applications (apps) for agriculturists! Farmers use apps to track when their cows are not feeling well and to evaluate nutrient differences in their fields. You could design and build new apps to help producers be even more productive on their operations.

Explore and learn more about jobs and careers available in the agriculture industry at

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