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What is Expedition Agriculture?

Invite Alice in Dairyland to your classroom to take your students on an expedition through Wisconsin's Agriculture, specifically focusing on our multitude of specialty crops! The lesson will take approximately 45 minutes and includes hands on activities.

Who is This For?

This lesson is geared towards Wisconsin's fourth grade classrooms, following along with the state's standards! Maximum of 100 students per presentation, multiple presentations per school in the same day can also be accommodated.


Where Will This Occur?

In your school or classroom! Alice in Dairyland travels 30,000 miles in a year and will come to where you are, with the lesson materials in tow. As long as your district is in Wisconsin, you're eligible to request the presentation!

What Does the School Need to Provide?

- Projector/Smartboard to show presentation

- Space for up to 100 students, depending on your preference

- Time for a 45-minute presentation plus brief set-up and take-down


What is Included in the Presentation?

- Lesson content highlighting each Wisconsin Region’s agriculture while its role in our state’s history, economy, and communities

​- A fast paced fun game

- A leave-behind hands-on activity

How do I Request a Visit?

School visits for the spring 2023 are now full. If you would like to be contacted for a 2023-2024 school visit, please email

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