Becoming the 73rd Alice in Dairyland

Alice in Dairyland is a marketing professional with a 73-year tradition of promoting agriculture in Wisconsin. This is a one-year contractual position with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). The professional hired will work full-time beginning July 7, 2020 as a spokesperson providing public relations and communication services for DATCP from the Madison headquarters for the contract year.

Square featuring the top 6 candidates from the Alice in Dairyland 73rd Finals

Meet the 73rd Alice in Dairyland

Top Candidates

Pictured (L to R):


Kaitlin Konder, Glenwood City

Erica Helmer, Plymouth

Grace Schroeder, Cashton

72nd Alice in Dairyland Abigail Martin

Julia Nunes, Chippewa Falls

Rachel Gerbitz, Milton

Stephanie Hoff, Thorp

Alice in Dairyland 2020 Top Candidates

Recruitment Timeline for 75th Alice in Dairyland


Preliminary interviews: February TBD

Top candidate briefing session and press conference: March 11-12, 2022

Final interviews: May 19-21, 2022

Photos from the 2020 Alice in Dairyland finals