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Put your county on the map!

Each year, a different county hosts a series of Alice in Dairyland Finals events leading up to the selection of the next Alice in Dairyland, approximately one per month. Local organizations are encouraged to consider this opportunity to welcome visitors and media professionals to their county.

The hosting process culminates in a three-day Finals event, which includes agribusiness tours, media interviews,  individual interviews, and candidate presentations. Additionally, an impromptu question and answer session and finale banquet are open to the public as ticketed events and include opportunities to showcase local businesses, agritourism, and other county highlights.

The next request for proposals will come out in 2026!

Who Plans the Finals?

Each final event is planned by a dedicated group of volunteers based in the host county. The core group of volunteers is typically made up of community members who represent a wide range of partner organizations with an interest in promoting agriculture in the host county. A Wisconsin Department of Agriculture employee Co-Chairs the Steering committee.

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