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You are invited to be part of the 76th anniversary of the Alice in Dairyland program, hosted by Walworth County. Benefits to your organization include:

• Being associated with the historic Alice program, which is an economic driver, educating consumers on Wisconsin agriculture and promoting product sales ranging from apples and bacon to wool and yams. Agriculture accounts for more than one-third of the state’s economy.
• Showing your customers you care about their business by helping Alice promote ag and food.
• Allowing your staff/stakeholders to get involved. Surveys show stakeholders, especially early career employees, are more concerned about working in an organization that cares about the community than about compensation!
• Building bridges between farmers and consumers. In an age where few people know a working farmer, it’s important to educate schoolchildren and the public about where their food comes from to ensure sound public policy.


To learn more, contact: Susan Earle at

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