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Nutrition in Disguise

Ghostly greetings, and happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! I love crafting costumes and enjoying Halloween candy each year. Often, the day is filled with ghoulish feasts and spooky sweets (which I thoroughly enjoy). This, however, can make it hard to find a treat that is also part of a healthy diet. How can you give your friends and a family a nutrition boost this Halloween? Enjoy a refreshing glass of chocolate milk!

As the Official Beverage of Halloween, fuel up with a glass of chocolate milk today. Bring a gallon to your neighborhood party or enjoy as a post-trick-or-treating refreshment. Chocolate milk is the perfect beverage for Halloween because it is nutrition in disguise! With the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, you can feel good about drinking a glass. Each serving of chocolate milk includes calcium for strong bones, protein for muscle growth, potassium for a healthy heart, and more!

Experts agree that low-fat chocolate milk is a tasty way to build strong bones that no one will find frightening. According to the American Dairy Association, research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association confirms that chocolate milk is a healthy beverage for both kids and adults. They found kids who drink chocolate milk tend to drink fewer sweetened soft drinks and fruit drinks, which are the number one source of calories and added sugars in their diet. They also found children who drink flavored milk or chocolate milk have higher calcium intakes and actually ingest less fat and sugar in their overall diet.

This holiday, keep skeletons growing with a glass of chocolate milk. Celebrate the official drink of Halloween, and feel good about your choice! You can even dress up your chocolate milk for more spooky fun! Check out this quick and easy mummy milk craft for inspiration below.



  • Bubble chewing gum tape or adhesive gauze tape

  • Self-adhesive craft “googly eyes”

  • Tall clear glass

  • Decorative paper straw


  1. Remove backing from google eyes and adhere them to the side of the glass.

  2. Take a long strip of bubble gum or gauze and wrap the glass with the bandage. Make sure the eyes peek out from behind the “dressing”.

  3. Pour chocolate milk in the glass and add a decorative straw.

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