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Susan's Fiber Shop

Throughout my travels I’ve been able to learn about Wisconsin’s sheep and wool industry from the farm to the mill. In order to learn more about the final product I traveled to Columbus, Wis. to visit Susan McFarland at Susan’s Fiber Shop.

When you walk through the doors you will find an incredible selection of fiber-related products. From raw Tesswater sheep wool, yarn in every color, tools and equipment to even a cute dog named Max, you will definitely find what you’re looking for and more.

Susan McFarland was originally an art teacher, and now loves to help people learn about techniques using fiber. Susan is an expert when it comes to all things fiber-related. She loves to find the perfect equipment to complete various projects. Speaking with Susan you could see her excitement and passion for wool and its future.

Susan’s Fiber Shop also offers classes (below). Learning how to use a drop spindle was difficult at first, but with Susan’s expertise and patience I got the hang of it in no time!

Thank you Susan for your expertise and for sharing many laughs with me!

Felted Hats: Thursday March 16th, 10am-3pm Felting a hat is an easy project for beginners. It is a quick project with something wonderful at the end of the day. Everyone will complete a hat and enjoy it forever! $85.

Beginning Drop-Spinning: Saturday Feb. 24th 2pm Learn how to spin! Spin yarn for your own textile projects. In this class, we will work with a variety of fibers and you will even get the chance to meet the flock of American Teeswater sheep! Who knows if you will want to try "growing your own" fiber! $20.

Advanced Spinning I: Sunday, Feb 25th 1pm-4pm In this class we will experiment with different methods of spinning. We will work on Long draw, English Long Draw, Inch Worm, and others, as well as some basic carding techniques. If you want to be challenged in your spinning then this class is for you! Bring your own spinning wheel (if you have one) so that you are the most comfortable in learning. $50

Advanced Spinning II: Sunday, March 4, 1pm-4pm This class is designed to stretch your horizons with your spinning! We will help you spin for socks or a lacy shawl all the way through to a woolen or worsted weight for a sweater or hat. If you want to become the best spinner you can be then this class is for you! $65.

Solving the Mystery of Fiber Preparation: Saturday, March 17th 1pm-4pm Learn what to look for when you pick out a fleece, and how to get that fleece ready to spin. This class will cover scouring (washing), picking, and carding (with both hand and drum carders). Learn how to work with batts and roving using a Diz, and how to take a fleece from the sheep to your wheel. $35

Color Blending: Sunday April 15th 1pm-4pm In this class you will have the amazing opportunity to work with a variety of different fibers to blend for color, texture, and softness. Find out the different benefits of working on a drum carder, blending board, or hackle. At the end of the day you will have a sampling of batts to take home and use!

Drop in and Dye at Susan's: Saturday June 4th - Class is Yarn or roving buy from Susan's ! A fun dye day at Susan's! Come in for an hour, or come for the day! During this time we will explore the world of dyeing! Bring your own dye-able roving/yarn or purchase some at the shop. There will be demonstrations of vat dyeing all day long. Bring your knitting or spinning wheel along and enjoy the day! If you will be here for lunch then please bring a dish to pass.

Explore the world of Spinning Learn from an Expert:

Call for an appointment we do one on one classes or groups. See if you wish to learn to spin or get a spinning wheel. Enjoy your time exploring fiber from raw to washed. From carding to spinning to plying. Take the plunge not polar but fiber spinning. Have fun. Learn from the expert herself Susan. She will take you from being nervous about learning to being a pro..... $95.

Reserve your spot today! Call: 920-623-4237

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