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Happy Thanksgiving!

The question “What are you most thankful for?” is one that is frequently asked during this time of the year. Many households across Wisconsin are beginning to plan for the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Homes are filled with love and laughter and delicious smells waft through the air.

Today most of us will come to the Thanksgiving table as families, friends, communities and as a nation to celebrate our blessings. As we sit around the table and answer this question, I’m a little more thankful this year. As Alice I’ve had the honor of traveling across the state and meeting incredible farmers who work hard 365 days a year. From wading in a cranberry bog to walking in a field of Wisconsin potatoes to sharing stories of Wisconsin dairy farm families, it’s an honor to serve an industry that is continuing to drive our state forward.

Wisconsin’s agriculture community knits communities together by providing healthy food and an economic foundation for rural communities. Thanksgiving is an important time to recognize these Wisconsin farmers and agriculturists.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for a family conversation about the folks who grow your food.

I hope you’ll join me on Thanksgiving by saying a word or two of thanks — not just for the food on your table, but for the farmers who woke up early that day and every day to ensure that we have a food system that is good for us, our communities and our country.

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