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Wisconsin Potato Harvest is in Full Swing

Fall in Wisconsin is a beautiful time of the year. The changing leaves, crisp air, pumpkin patches

and apple orchards are a few of the many things we look forward to during this season. For Alsum Farms and Produce, harvesting 2,300 acres of potatoes at our farms in Arena and Grand Marsh, Wis. is our favorite thing about this season.

With Wisconsin potato harvest in full swing, consumers can enjoy fresh, locally grown potatoes in grocery stores and markets across the State. While this fall has been more challenging than most with Mother Nature’s wet weather pattern, Alsum Farms is working to harvest new crop Wisconsin russet, red, golden and fingerling potatoes.

Alsum Farms & Produce, Inc. was founded in 1973 and this year celebrates 45 years in business. Alsum Farms & Produce is a grower, packer and shipper of potatoes, re-packer of onions and a wholesale distributor of a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables. The second-generation family-owned-and-operated agribusiness involves Larry Alsum working alongside several family members including his two daughters and nearly 200 full-time employees working in all facets of the business from the farming operation, to packing, marketing and the transportation of potatoes. Headquartered in Friesland, Wisconsin, Alsum Farms is also a member of the eco-friendly Wisconsin Healthy Grown® Potato Program.

Alsum Farms & Produce is a national distributor of Wisconsin potatoes and onions, and partners with other growers across the nation to deliver other fresh produce year round. Alsum offers a wide variety of pack options from 12 ounces up to 50 pound cartons to Midwest grocers. In addition, Alsum offers organic russet, red and gold variety pack options. Alsum Farms & Produce, Inc. packs potatoes and onions under the Alsum Farms & Produce brand.

Types of Potatoes for Delicious Recipes

One can enjoy potatoes in several ways, including: mashed, grilled, roasted, baked, boiled or steamed. With seven different potato types, the options are endless to make a variety of dishes. Gaining knowledge as to which type of potato will work best for the dish you’re making is key.

The seven potato types are: russet, red, white, yellow, purple/blue, fingerling and petite.

  • Russet potatoes are very high in starch, and they are best for baking, mashing and roasting.

  • Red potatoes have less starch than russets or white potatoes, so they hold their shape well in soups or salads.

  • Whites are a great all-purpose potato — enjoy them in soups, salads, boiled, baked, mashed, fried and roasted.

  • Golden potatoes have a higher sugar content and are a great all-purpose potato. They have a natural buttery flavor and can be used in just about any recipe calling for traditional white potatoes.

  • Purple or blue potatoes are rich in antioxidants and best when microwaved, baked or roasted. The beautiful pop of color they can add to a dish is added bonus.

Potatoes are a nutrient powerhouse

Wisconsin Potatoes are packed full of natural goodness that nurtures our body. Potatoes are gluten free, fat free, rich in Vitamin C, and loaded with potassium. With all of these nutritional and health benefits, potatoes make for the perfect performance-boosting fuel for our body. Potatoes provide the energy, potassium, and complex carbohydrates needed to perform at your best.

Ask for Wisconsin Potatoes at your local grocer today

Wisconsin Potatoes are available year-round, and now is the perfect time to pick up fresh market

Wisconsin Potatoes at your local grocer or market. Take action with your food dollar and buy Wisconsin Potatoes. If you do not see Wisconsin Potatoes in your grocery store's produce aisle, ask the produce manager for them.

For more information on how Wisconsin Potatoes make their way to the grocery store, health benefits or recipe inspiration, visit Wisconsin Potatoes or Alsum Farms & Produce

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