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Wisconsin Farm Technology Days - Recap Day 2

Farmers love talking about the weather. Whether it’s checking the forecast, worrying about the amount of rain for their crops, or reminiscing about the “storm that topped them all,” it’s a topic that our rural community can always count on.

Rain is a popular topic, especially this summer. Although the forecast at first didn’t look forgiving, it turned out to be another fantastic day in Kewaunee County. I met more great business owners and saw a lot of familiar faces too.

There's one more day to join me at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days!


In 2018 we have a lot to look forward to. One project that I can’t wait to see unveiled is Wisconsin’s Agricultural Education Center. This $13 million project will include:

  • A 29,000-square foot discovery center with educational displays and hands-on learning opportunities.

  • A birthing barn where visitors can watch calves being born

  • A 300-person conference center

  • An opportunity to tour Grotegut Farm

  • A café’ and country store featuring Wisconsin Products and an outdoor playground

  • An educational display showcasing the cutting-edge technologies used to serve growing populations around the world



Had to get my picture with the internationally recognized and self-proclaimed “Grillologists” Mad Dog and Merrill.


I had a blast at the Rural Mutual and Farm Bureau Tent today learning about the many ways we can stay safe and save lives, especially in agriculture. From a texting and driving simulation, to learning how first-responders are being trained in agriculture-related accidents, I left learning a lot more about safety.


It’s not dirt, it’s soil. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service has an 80-foot soil pit to discuss all things conservation and soils.

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