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Wisconsin Potato Salad – My Wisconsin Family Tradition

The smell of vinegar, mustard, and onions mixed with the delicious aroma of bacon and Wisconsin potatoes can only mean one thing: Grandma’s German Potato Salad. When I was little, I fondly remember making this family treat. I always opted for cooking the bacon, while my grandma mixed the other ingredients that made my eyes water. Just last week I spent time at my grandma’s house making this family tradition. Although cooking the bacon is still my favorite part, I now have a special fondness for the main event: Wisconsin Potatoes.

Wisconsin potatoes are mainly grown in the Central Sands region of our state, which is located in Central Wisconsin. This region is a unique blend of natural and agricultural landscapes. Second only to California, the Central Sands region is one of the most productive growing areas in the nation for processing vegetables and specialty crops, generating billions of dollars in revenue into Wisconsin’s economy. Its landscapes include wetlands, forests, prairies, lakes and trout streams, in addition to productive, irrigated cropland. For these reasons, Wisconsin potato growers not only remain committed to protecting these natural resources, but they are also partnering up with the DNR water experts and private enterprise scientists to conduct research.

As you prepare more of your favorite dishes for your Wisconsin Backyard Cookouts, make sure to remember Wisconsin Potatoes!

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