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Vanilla - America's Favorite Flavor

The fact that National Ice Cream Month is right after June Dairy Month makes Wisconsin summers that much more enjoyable. I had so much fun last month celebrating Wisconsin’s $43.4 billion dairy industry at many Breakfast on the Farms and other dairy related events. I especially enjoyed sharing many Wisconsin dairy facts!

One fact that continues to amaze me is that it takes 12 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream. Milk is packed with Calcium, Protein, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Vitamin A, and Niacin. With all of that nutritious milk packed into ice cream, those nutrients don’t disappear.

Many people asked me last month what my favorite ice cream flavor is. Deciding my favorite Wisconsin ice cream flavor is comparable to Wisconsin seasons. They both change so fast that I can’t make up my mind!

However, if I had to pick my favorite flavor it would be Vanilla. The option to add Wisconsin berries like strawberries, raspberries, cherries and even cranberries sounds like a perfect way to cool down and enjoy another great Wisconsin treat.

America’s favorite ice cream flavor is still Vanilla. This ice cream’s popularity is likely due to the sweet, fragrant flavor infused by the vanilla bean. Vanilla allows family members to add their unique toppings to their own creations.

Ice cream is universal with vanilla being also is the most popular flavor around the globe. But each culture adapts this ice cream flavor to its own culinary traditions. As an example, the Japanese like to add flavors like kurogoma (black sesame seeds) and kinako (powdered, roasted soy beans) into their vanilla ice cream.

Another fun dairy related fact is that in 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. He recognized ice cream as a food that is enjoyed by over 90 percent of the nation's population. President Reagan called for all people of the United States to observe these events with "appropriate ceremonies and activities."

As you celebrate July with fireworks, family reunions, barbecues, picnics and parades; the addition of ice cream is sure to please all. Have a great July, Wisconsin!

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