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Make Cheese Your Love Language

Cheese is the universal language of love in Wisconsin! As America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin is home to more than 600 varieties, types, and styles of cheese. Whether you are gathering with loved ones, watching your favorite football team, or celebrating Valentine’s Day, Wisconsin cheese is a tasty option for any snack or meal.

Wisconsin’s more than 1,200 talented and dedicated cheesemakers are the ingredient that makes our state’s cheese so special. In fact, they have helped our state win more awards for cheese than anywhere else in the world. For a small group of elite cheesemakers that are passionate about pushing their education to the limit, there is one final step – becoming a certified Master Cheesemaker.

The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program is like getting a Ph.D. in cheese. Wisconsin has the only Master Cheesemaker Program outside of Europe and is the only state that requires a license to make cheese. To become a Master Cheesemaker, applicants must be licensed Wisconsin Cheesemaker for 10 years and then complete coursework and submit samples for an additional three years on one type of cheese.

The product of Wisconsin cheesemakers’ hard work can be found in many grocery stores. In fact, more than half of all specialty cheese in the U.S. comes from Wisconsin. Whether you are craving sweet or savory, Wisconsin is truly a world of cheese and has the highest quality cheeses in the world. Use some of Wisconsin’s award-winning cheeses to create a cheese board, try a new appetizer or pair it with your favorite beverage.

As you visit a local cheese shop and search grocery store shelves, look for the “Proudly Wisconsin Cheese” badge to find a high-quality cheese made in Wisconsin! Buying Wisconsin’s safe, nutritious food products supports farmers and food processors and contributes to the economic strength of Wisconsin communities. Learn more about Wisconsin cheese and find endless cheese board inspiration and recipe suggestions at

The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin are giving away 500 heart-shaped boxes of Wisconsin cheese, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each box contains three Wisconsin cheeses and an engraved heart-shaped cheeseboard. One lucky recipient will receive a crystal wedge in their box, unlocking an all-expense-paid trip to Wisconsin, the State of Cheese®. As cheese is better when shared with others, the winner gets to bring along three cheese-loving friends of their choice for a custom-designed adventure. There is no purchase necessary to enter. Nominate the cheese lover in your life at

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