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My First Ever Cheese Board

Have you ever admired a fancy cheese board on social media and thought, “There is no way I could make that. Where would I even begin?” Well confession, even I have had those thoughts! That’s why I started small, and put together my first ever all-Wisconsin cheese board! I began with just a board and blocks of cheese, and ended up with a photo-worthy product. Check out below how I went from point A to point B quick and easy.

The Board

First, select your vehicle for the cheese and goodies. You can choose from wood, marble or slate boards. A slate board can be fun because chalk can be used to label cheeses that guest may be unfamiliar with. I chose a wood cutting board, in the shape of Wisconsin, of course!

The Cheeses

Good, Wisconsin cheeses are essential to the perfect all-Wisconsin cheese board. Aim for at least three varieties of cheese. If you plan to make a larger board for a big family gathering, you can add in more varieties. Also, be sure to think about texture when making your selection. You will want diversity here, too. My cheese board includes one sliced cheese, one crumbly cheese, and one spreadable cheese. Here’s the cheeses I used:

Sliced Rounds - Baby Swiss from Chalet Cheese Cooperative

Chalet Cheese Cooperative may best be known for producing the famous “stinky” cheese, limburger, but their baby Swiss is an international award-winner. Baby Swiss has buttery, slightly sweet flavor, with a creamy texture, and sliced perfectly for my cheese board. Chalet Cheese is a dairy farmer-owned cooperative located in the heart of cheese country in Monroe.

Sliced Triangles - Medium Cheddar from Widmer's Cheese Cellars

Widmer’s has been handcrafting cheese in small batches since 1922. Today, the fourth generation owns and operates the cheese factory in Theresa. Their medium cheddar is a crowd favorite, and a 'grate' addition to your cheeseboard.

Crumbled - EWEmazing from Eckerman Sheep Company

The Eckerman Sheep Company first began producing cheese from their flock of sheep over 100 years ago! Their cheeses, sold under the label: Phlox Farms Cheese, are rich, smooth and creamy. Made from original recipes, they are great for snacking, hour d’oeuvres and gourmet pairings with wines. Their Ewemazing is a bold, Italian style cheese.

Spreadable – Port Wine from Pine River Pre-Pack

Every time I bring these Pine River Pre-Pack cheese spreads to a party, they are an instant hit! Their Port Wine variety is the perfect balance of creamy Wisconsin aged Cheddar and sweet, fruity port wine. Pine River Pre-Pack has deep roots in Wisconsin, as the Lindemann family has been in the dairy trade in our state since the 19th century.

The Side Kicks

After neatly arraigning my cheeses on the board, I needed to add in the ‘extras’. These accompaniments add flavor and pizazz to your presentation. I added crackers for the Port Wine cheese, and Rosemary Salt and Pepper Pecans from Sweet P’s Pantry. Lastly, finish off your board with a Wisconsin meat. You could choose cold cuts and roll or fold them on the board, or snack sticks diced for easy grabbing. Here’s the meat I used:

Sliced – Original All Beef Sticks from Dreamy 280 Meats

Dreamy 280 direct markets beef, all of which was raised on their farm. The Schlimgen family also grows a variety of crops on their land, which is used to feed their mixed herd of Angus and Shorthorn cattle. They offer all retail cuts, a flexible beef CSA program, and several hard-to-find specialty beef cuts. Their original all beef sticks are the perfect addition to your next cheese board.

After assembly, take a photo and share your board with family and friends. Learn more about all of the companies featured on my cheeseboard at

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