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Field Demonstrations Highlight Continual Improvement

Today wrapped up the final day of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. The previous three days have showcased some of Wisconsin agriculture’s finest technologies. Together, farmers and industry members from across the state gathered to learn and share about new opportunities to increase speed, precision, and efficiency on their operations.

Field demonstrations occurred all three days of the show, and were a favorite stop for many attendees. These demonstrations showcased the latest in tillage, harvesting, and other field equipment.

This morning, I ventured out to learn a little more. The first field I visited was demonstrating field drainage tiling. This technique helps farmers manage their water table, and helps to prevent standing water in their field. Field drainage tiling, or tiling for short, is a growing practice in Wisconsin, as farmers continually look to improve. So how does it work? Drainage tubes with small holes are laid underground to collect excess water. These tubes lay approximately 30 inches under the ground, and have a small slope to one main draining tile at the end of a field. Tiled fields not only have better water management, but also tend to have higher yields. The demonstration had a local connection, as the drainage tile used was produced in Jefferson County.

I also stopped by demonstrations of wheat combining and hay cutting. These demonstrations are done with machinery from multiple companies, allowing farmers to see competitive equipment operate side by side. The sessions concluded with opportunities for attendees to ask questions and get up close and personal with the machines.

Many learning opportunities were packed in to the past three days at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Together, Wisconsin agriculturalists came together to gain knowledge and connect with fellow industry members. This show truly highlighted Wisconsin farmers’ dedication to continually improve, as they work hard to provide safe, wholesome food for our communities to enjoy.

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