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Love your holiday leftovers

If your family is like mine, then there are plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers still in the fridge. While the original meal is always such a treat, after a few days of reliving the holiday celebration, I crave something different. Something Special from Wisconsin has just what I need to add new flavor and


Out of the Kitchen

Mitch Maier, the owner of Out of the Kitchen, infused a flavorful twist with his Black Garlic Sauce and Marinade, Black Garlic BBQ Sauce, and Black Garlic Ketchup. You might be curious about what black garlic is. According to Maier, it is garlic that has been aged under controlled conditions of heat and humidity. It is browned rather than caramelized with hints of balsamic and a sticky texture like dates. The white garlic smell and taste are gone. Maier said the flavor is becoming popular in high-end cuisine. The sauces use locally sourced garlic and raw Wisconsin honey as a sweetener.

Sasha's Salad & Sandwich Dressings

Another favorite is Sasha’s Salad & Sandwich Dressings. The Mukwonago company offers a wide variety of options like Sweet and Savory (sweet onion), Sweet and Sultry (spicy with a little heat), Sweet Aloha (pineapple fresh lemon dressing) and more! Perfect for anyone with allergies, the all-natural, handmade sauces are gluten, soy and dairy free. They can be used for marinating and dipping as well as salads, pasta sides, coleslaw, or homemade turkey sub sandwiches!

Spark Spices, LLC

Finally, Spark Spices, LLC is made by family for families. Every process from blending to final packing is done by family members. Owner Mike Wendt said his family crafts their blends with the

goal of providing customers with new options that aren’t typically found in stores. Each product is formulated with a specific quality in mind. Smokey overtones, lemon flavors and other tastes can give leftovers a lovely fresh start! Wendt said imagination and taste buds should be the guide for adding flavor for any meal.

Turn that turkey into another talking point with Something Special from Wisconsin, or start making plans now to spice up your family’s Christmas! You can find more information about Out of the Kitchen, Sasha’s Salad and Sandwich Dressings, and Spark Spices as well as hundreds of other Wisconsin businesses by visiting

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