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Agri-tourism: a perfect partnership for Wisconsin

Some things in life were meant to be together. Peanut butter and Wisconsin jam make a sweet, filling sandwich. Warm cookies with a cool glass of milk are a delicious dessert. Agriculture and tourism come together for the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Exhibitors teach me about their animals at the Monroe County Fair

Agri-tourism is the combination of two of Wisconsin’s key industries. It represents a chance for people of all backgrounds to visit a local fair, farm or orchard and learn how food travels from the farm gate to our plates. The opportunity to learn about Wisconsin agriculture is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. I was raised deeply rooted in agriculture, but I learn something new almost every day as Alice. That is because Wisconsin earns its success from farms of different types, sizes and production methods.

Although the air is becoming crisper in the mornings and evenings, there are still fairs taking place across the state. Fairs bring together the farm, food and entertainment. Fairgoers can chat with crop and livestock exhibitors to learn how they provide a safe, wholesome and secure food supply for families. Personally, I enjoy getting new craft or DIY ideas by walking through the exhibition halls that showcase the talents of area residents.

Hawk's Mill Winery in Green County offers agri-tourism opportunities.

As fall creeps around the corner, Wisconsin’s more than 300 commercial apple orchards will be ripe with entertainment. Pick your own bushels with family and friends, and test new varieties to pack in the lunchbox this fall. Orchard owners can also explain how they manage hundreds if not thousands of trees to produce the perfect crop. Anyone looking for an adventure can test their skills in a classic corn maze. Halloween enthusiasts may find the freshest decorations at a local pumpkin patch. Visiting area farms and buying Wisconsin products helps support local farmers, producers, communities and economies.

Wisconsin has nearly 100 wineries.

Start planning now by checking out The website has destinations, ag-venture, festivals, as well as tastes and tours that vary from visiting one of Wisconsin’s nearly 100 wineries to watching our famous cheese crafted at a local store. The only missing piece for this perfect partnership in Wisconsin is your participation!

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