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Huber Sheep Shearing

As I travel the state on my Wisconsin Wool campaign, I’ve been so fortunate to visit many incredible places that exemplify Wisconsin’s sheep industry. My first stop was at Huber Sheep Shearing in Wisconsin Dells.

Shearing is generally carried out in the spring, so sheep don't become overheated in the summer. A long fleece is likely to become dirty and drag along the ground, increasing the possibility of flies. Shearing sheep is incredibly important as sheep are extremely susceptible to heat stress. If sheep are not sheared, a bulky fleece can even decrease the mobility of sheep.

Huber Sheep Shearing is a three-generation family business that travels the state of Wisconsin shearing sheep. The business was started by Jerome Huber, Sr. when his dad, Harold, brought home clippers from the feed mill in 1956. Jerome started by shearing his own flock of sheep and was employed by the neighbors as word spread of his skill. By word of mouth, Jerome’s shearing business flourished.

Jerome taught his five sons, Jerry, Jeff, Joe, Jim, and Jake to shear and Joe passed down the tradition to his sons Jeff, Josh, and Jordan. They continue to share their knowledge about shearing each December at the Arlington Beginning Sheep Shearing School.

Today, Jerome, Joe, Jim, Jake, Jeff, Josh, and Jordan are continuing the 62-year-old family business. Yearly, the Huber Family travels to over 150 farms and shears 8,000 – 10,000 head of sheep. The Hubers handle 60,000 to 70,000 pounds of wool each year from their shearing customers for Mid-State Wool Growers Cooperative in Columbus, Ohio.

Most Saturdays in the winter and spring, you can find the Hubers travelling throughout the state of Wisconsin stopping to shear flocks from 1 to 600 head. They are also expanding into Iowa as Joe’s youngest boy, Jordan, moves to Newhall, IA this upcoming June.

Thank you, Huber family, for opening your doors and for being such a fantastic supporter of the 71st Alice in Dairyland Finals!

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