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The Purpose of Wisconsin Fairs

Fair season in Wisconsin is coming to an end, After attending some of Wisconsin’s county and district fairs and the Wisconsin State Fair this summer, I have come to realize what Wisconsin fairs mean to our communities.

Food is a staple of fairs in our state and there are plenty of tasty and unique food options to enjoy at each one. From the classic fried cheese curds to more exotic options like a deep-fried pink squirrel, gator claw on a stick, or a glazer donut pork sandwich, you can eat to your heart’s desire at Wisconsin fairs.

Another highlight for many Wisconsin fair-goers is the entertainment. One thing is certain about Wisconsinites – we like to have a good time. The fair is an amazing place to fill your stomach, have a good laugh, take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl, or jam out to your favorite music. The attractions are often the reason many fairgoers stay late into the evening, enjoying the fair atmosphere and each other’s company. Whether your fair is having a live comedian, featuring a local band, or a big-name artist, there are entertainment options for the whole family.

One of the most important parts of Wisconsin’s fairs is agriculture. Growing up on a dairy farm, the county fair was an event that I looked forward to every summer as it allowed me to showcase my dairy cattle and the hard work that I had put into preparing them. It was also a place where I learned about other areas of agriculture that I was not familiar with.

While attending the Wisconsin State Fair, I realized just how important Wisconsin fairs are to agriculture. Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is diverse, vibrant, and vital to our communities, providing jobs and contributing more than $104.8 billion to our state’s economy every year. Wisconsin farmers are working every day of the year to produce safe, nutritious food products for you and for people around the world. The fair is the perfect place to learn about Wisconsin agriculture including where food comes from and the farmers who produce it.

The next time you visit a Wisconsin fair, I challenge you to think about how agriculture is connected to the fair, from the animal exhibits to the deep-fried cheese curds. This summer you have the opportunity to take part in a tradition that is a staple of summers in Wisconsin and support the diverse industry that provides our communities with food, fuel, and fiber. Learn more about fairs around Wisconsin and add one more to your calendar at


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