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Something Special from Wisconsin for the Holiday Season

When I think about the holidays, one of the first things to come to my mind is food. What new dishes are you bringing to the table this holiday season? The Something Special from Wisconsin™ (SSfW) program has many options to spice up your cuisine during the holiday and throughout the year. No matter how you plan to celebrate, there are many options for making the holidays special, while also supporting our local farmers and agribusinesses.

Since 1983, the SSfW program has been trademarked through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Keep an eye out for products bearing the SSfW logo. The oval-shaped logo with a red background and white and yellow lettering carries a meaningful message: when you see it, you can be assured at least 50 percent of the item’s ingredients, production, or processing has come from right here in Wisconsin.

With nearly 450 businesses participating in the SSfW special program, there is something for everyone ranging from handmade cutting boards, cheese, snack foods, sweets, seasonings, and more.

One way to liven up your food is with CJ’s Premium Spices, made in Hartland. This family-owned company makes spice mixes that are craft-blended using organic, gluten-free, kosher-certified ingredients. CJ's Premium Spices also won a Specialty Food Association sofi™ award for their delicious Dill Dip Mix. They also have a fresh and easy potato salad mix that is easy to incorporate into your holiday celebrations. Find out more at

If you’re a garlic fan, Krebs Pleasant View Farms has you covered. The Krebs family grows seven different varieties of gourmet garlic using sustainable farming methods. Each variety has a unique flavor and strength. Krebs Pleasant View Farms offers culinary garlic and scapes, garlic powder, and seed stock. Learn my by visiting their website at

Many Wisconsinites like to fire up the grill any time of the year. The Tailgate Foodie has great items for the “grill master” of your family. Their barbecue sauce tastes great, and their spice rub mixes come in unique flavors like Nashville Hot seasoning, Five Pepper Blend, and more. The Tailgate Foodie’s products can be found online at

All of these seasoning options are in the Something Special from Wisconsin™ program. By purchasing these products, you are not only supporting local producers and processors, you are keeping those dollars in our local economy.

To find more local flavors, visit, and you can give thanks to our local farmers and agribusinesses all year long. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!


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