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Perfect Wisconsin Pairs

There are few things in life that go together better than artisan wines and cheese. Lucky for us Wisconsin residents, our state is home to both. Picturesque wineries dot landscapes across our state, complete with vineyards and orchards alike. Visiting these wineries is the perfect way to truly experience Wisconsin’s incredible variety of wines. Of course, when it comes to high quality cheese, there simply is no better place than Wisconsin. Our cheesemaking heritage began before we were even a state, and to date, our Wisconsin cheesemakers have won more than 5,500 awards.

Pairing unique Wisconsin wines with fine Wisconsin cheese is the perfect match. But which wines should you pair with which cheeses? With help from the Wisconsin Winery Association, I’ve put together a list of grate cheeses, and suggestions for wine pairings.

A relatively new cheese on the market, Belaire cheese is made from pure Guernsey milk on the Hoard’s Dairyman farm. The Hoard’s Dairyman farm was started by former governor of Wisconsin, W. D. Hoard; and today his legacy lives on in the Guernsey cows that descend from his original herd. The Belair cheese is a Port Salut-style variety that has a creamy, soft texture.

Pair Belaire with a dry white or a sparkling wine.

Marieke Young Gouda

Each batch of Marieke Gouda cheeses are hand-crafted with pride and passion. Cheesemaker Marieke Penterman uses an old world recipe from her homeland, the Netherlands, to transform the fresh raw-milk from her family farm into creamy, rich Marieke Gouda. Their Gouda is available in 13 flavors, some of which rotate in and out seasonally. The Young Gouda for a buttery, mild flavor.

Pair Young Gouda with a sweet white or sweet red wine.

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars has been handcrafting cheese in small batches since 1922. Today, the fourth generation owns and operates the cheese factory in Theresa. They produce a variety of cheeses such as pepper cheddar, aged brick, or cheddar. Their mild cheddar has a rich, nutty flavor and a smooth, firm texture. Though cheddar is usually golden in color, their cheddars are also available in white.

Pair Mild Cheddar with non-grape wines such as a berry wine, Mead (honey wine) or even a hard cider.

Learn more about Wisconsin-made wines from the Wisconsin Winery Association at

Discover what separates Wisconsin cheese from the rest at

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