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My roots run deep in agriculture

My roots run deep in agriculture, just like the state of Wisconsin. I am the seventh generation, on both sides of my family, to have a career in the agriculture industry. In fact, my family and I are a part of the one in nine people working in Wisconsin who hold a job related to agriculture.

Agriculture surrounded me growing up. My parents both worked in the industry and I had the opportunity to spend time on my uncle’s dairy farm. I was very involved in my local 4-H club and served as the 2013-2014 Green County Dairy Queen. However, I didn’t expect my roots in agriculture to grow into a career.

My passion for Wisconsin agriculture began as a small spark as a young 4-H member. Now my roots in agriculture truly fuel me every day. I arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison ready to learn about all areas of agriculture: I studied Life Sciences Communication and immersed myself in many agricultural organizations. I learned how to tell the story of Wisconsin agriculture by co-hosting an agricultural radio show and advocating for agriculture with the Collegiate Farm Bureau.

Today, I serve farmers with my passion for agriculture as an Account Associate at an advertising agency where I work with and for farmers, from writing their stories to developing social media content. My favorite part of the day is the conversations I have with farmers who are so heartfelt about what they do.

Though I began as a shy 4-Her at the county fair, I now tell the story of agriculture everywhere I go. On an agriculture talk show, writing stories at work and even talking to the Uber driver as they take me to my destination — it just bubbles out of me.

I see agriculture connecting every aspect of our society — especially in Wisconsin — and each individual plays a unique and valuable role in this industry. Wisconsin’s farms and rural communities contribute to the state’s strong heritage, current economic impact and bright future.

I am honored to be a Top Candidate for the 72nd Alice in Dairyland — a personal and professional goal of mine for the past five years. It excites me to share my agriculture roots with the state of Wisconsin.

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