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A day in the life of Abigail

Seasons may come and go, but my deep love for agriculture remains. This love stems from early memories spent on my family’s dairy farm, and has only grown as I have pursued continual adventures in agriculture. Follow along as I recount ‘a day in the life of Abigail’ throughout various seasons in my life.

Abigail, Summer, Age 9

Summer, Age 9

Summer is my favorite season. Summer encompasses my birthday, my favorite holiday- the 4th of July, and fair season. I have been attending the Rock County 4-H Fair since I was three weeks old, but the summer I was nine was a special one. This was the first year I could show my own calf at the county fair. My days that summer were filled with learning how to wash, feed, and take care of my calf, Seven.

Fall, Age 13

For any farm kid, fall equals harvest season. This time of year, age 13 Abigail could be found riding in the tractor with her dad or helping feed calves while he continued in the field. If it were a Monday night, I would be heading to a meeting for the Consolidated 4-H club or the Milton FFA chapter. Both of these organizations equipped me with life skills, a plethora of agriculture knowledge, and forever friendships.

Winter, Age 18