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Thank you, June Dairy Month

For 30 days, Wisconsin puts all eyes on one of our signature industries. We celebrate our dairy farmers and processors who provide a safe, wholesome and secure food supply for families. We cherish the delicious dairy products our state has to offer including cheeses that win awards around the world. We pay tribute to an industry that contributes to our state’s economy, culture and future.

Looking back on the month of June, my life has been whirlwind of dairy breakfasts, creamery celebrations and even a cycling series dedicated to America’s Dairyland. Every moment became an incredible memory. Although I was raised on a dairy farm, I am proud to say I learned something new at each event, proving the depth of our $43.4 billion dairy industry. Feed mills, dairy equipment manufacturers, veterinarians, genetics companies, dairy software businesses and more create a wave of economic impact and opportunity across the entire state.

Before we move into July, I want to say thank you to all who hosted a June Dairy Month event in 2018 and to those who are now planning for 2019 celebrations. As my family prepares to host a dairy breakfast next year, I have a deeper appreciation for the dedication of those who open their homes and businesses to share their dairy story. Without host families, volunteers and guests, the commemoration of our dairy industry would not be possible.

June Dairy Month may be coming to an end, but that does not mean the enjoyment of dairy products has to stop. Parfaits for breakfast, a cheese and cracker tray at family gatherings and ice cream for dessert are some of the easiest and tastiest ways to keep the celebration going all year in America’s Dairyland. How will you continue to be undeniably dairy this summer?

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