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Meet Alexus Grossbier

“Every adventure requires a first step.” – Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

Howdy folks! My name is Alexus Grossbier, and I am from Elk Mound, Wisconsin, located in Dunn County. Ever since I can remember, I was surrounded by and grew to love animals and agriculture. The first step I took toward my adventure in agriculture happened on my parents’ hobby farm. We raised sheep and chickens and pigs, oh my! Horses, cats, and dogs also rounded out the Grossbier herd. I witnessed sows farrowing little piglets, learned how to bottle-feed a neglected lamb, and cared for small chicks until they were old enough for me to collect their eggs.

Additionally, I gained a strong understanding about the meat industry at a young age watching my father work as a butcher. As I helped my father with his business, Spring Brook Meats, I learned the importance of knowing where my food comes from, what it takes to run a small business, and the proper way to process raw and ready-to-eat meat products. Even today, as I still help contribute to the business, I know working with and educating the public about meat animals and the meat industry is essential to the growth of Wisconsin’s agricultural trade.

My relationship with agriculture grew immensely when I joined the Elk Meadow 4-H club and participated as a member and leader for ten years. In high school, I started raising and showing pigs for the Dunn County Fair, a hobby my younger sister now participates in. Even though I was not able to show pigs after high school, serving as Dunn County’s first ever Fairest of the Fair in 2017 allowed me to continue to share my love and passion for the county fair with others. As Alice, I hope to continue to share my passion and knowledge about agriculture in Wisconsin with consumers as well as learn from the producers and people that make up the agricultural industry.

I am more than honored to be a part the 71st Alice in Dairyland process! The five women I get to share this experience with are some of the most passionate individuals, and the people of Adams County, the host county for the finals ceremony, have humbled me with their generosity and hospitality. Just as Alice took her first step into Wonderland to begin what would become the adventure of her life, I courageously take my first step as an Alice candidate into Wisconsin’s agricultural wonderland and begin an adventure I will never forget.

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