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Once upon a Dreamfarm

I had the opportunity to meet and greet 24 friendly and curious dairy goats at Dreamfarm located in Cross Plains. With beautiful scenery and great hospitality, I had a great time visiting with Diana Murphy and learning about her farm, farmstead cheese and passion for Wisconsin agriculture.

Dreamfarm was established in August 2002. Diana and Jim Murphy dreamt about starting a farm and worked to bring this faded farm back to life. Barns were squared up and reinforced, then given new roofs and siding. Pastures were fenced and filled with animals, fields were planted with alfalfa. Their milking facility was licensed by the state, and the following year the creamery was licensed. Solar panels were added to the barn in 2014. Dreamfarm is certified organic through MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association), and have been a member of FairShare CSA Coalition since 2004.

Dreamfarm milks 24 goats two times a day. The dairy goats are a mixed breed of Alpine and Nubian. Springtime on the farm is exciting and busy. The does (mother goats) have their babies in March. This is when milk production begins which leads to the seasonal production of their cheese. Diana and her daughter Alicia make many artisan cheeses on their farm including varieties of fresh chevre, feta and aged cheeses.

You can find their artisan cheese at Willy Street Co-op, Metcalfe's and L’Etoile.

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