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A Guide to Shopping for Every Impossible Person on Your List

I’m going to get real with you guys, picking out gifts is not my forte. Shopping for loved ones in my life is hard. I’m always trying to make sure that my gifts are thoughtful and meaningful, while also not spending an arm and a leg for them.

Even the best, most thoughtful gift-givers among us occasionally have trouble picking out gifts. Whether it’s that eclectic friend with too many interests to count, the grouchy uncle who doesn’t seem to like anything or the infamous Mother In-Law, some people are just tough to shop for!

Fortunately, everyone loves to receive gifts that capture their personalities and cater to their interests. Here are a few of those tough situations where Something Special from Wisconsin™ products will save the day!

The Frazzled Friend – We all have one friend who just needs a little help. “Adulting” is hard. Whether it’s remembering to fill up your car with gas or trying to eat healthier, the holidays can sometimes get the best of us.

Simply Snackin’ meat snacks are the perfect answer for this type of friend. They have ten amazing flavors of all natural chicken, beef and venison meat snacks. From Orchard Venison with Apples to Teriyaki Beef with Pineapples, these are perfect for a handy snack that your frazzled friend can even leave in their vehicle too!

  • Simply Snackin' "Chicken Snacks - 4 flavors, Beef Snacks - 4 flavors, Venison Snacks - 2 flavors, $1.89 average retail price"

The Mother In-Law – Shopping for your mother in-law is rarely easy. You want her to like you and your gifts. Impress her with a fabulous gift-basket from Northleaf Winery. This gift basket has it all and is packed with unique Wisconsin products that will definitely impress her.

  • Northleaf Winery, "Cranberry Shiraz - $15, Bright Spirits Cranberry - $14, Wine Jellies - $5.95, Slushie Mix - $9.95, Mulled Wine Spice $9.95 , Chocolate for wine pairings 6-8 $5.95"

Friends Who Have it All - During most holidays and for most loved ones, gift-giving tends to be an exchange of equally valuable things. But what do you get for the friends who seems to already have it all? An experience! Plan a trip to go to Door County and attach a bottle of Door Peninsula Winery’s Mulled Christmas. It has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg in it and is best served at room temperature.

  • Door Peninsula Winery - "Red Christmas Wine, White Christmas Wine and Mulled Christmas Wine $10 - $12"

Grumpy Family Members – Every family has a grump or two, and it can seem all but impossible to shop for someone who hardly cracks a smile.

The answer – Wisconsin Cheese. I don’t care how crabby you are or how many times the Packers lose this year. Wisconsin Cheese always gets people to smile. Give smiles this year with Widmer’s Cheese Cellars gift boxes. They have incredible cheeses that will cheer anyone up. Varieties include Pepper Cheddar, Mild Brick, Aged Crick, Colby, and delicious summer sausage.

For the Grandma who only accepts homemade cards and gifts with love – Does anyone have a person in your life that gets super sappy on you when you present them with a homemade card and still has your 6th grade pictures on a wall?

It’s okay if you’ve traded in your craft paper and scissors for KitchenAid blenders and Tupperware containers. Keep your sentimental people in your life happy with gifts from HANmade Milwaukee. They are all about two cousins creating playful artwork. These fun beverage trays, coaster six-packs and kitchen towels are beautiful and fun too!

  • HANmade Milwaukee "Beverage Trays - $36, Coasters - $8, Towel - $14"


For the person that doesn’t purchase anything they can’t pronounce – Maple Hill Farm stands by their belief that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. They have various animals on their farm with a beautiful flock of sheep.

They milk their sheep twice a day and some of that valuable milk is put into various products. All Maple Hill Farm products are made into small batches and use quality ingredients without artificial fragrances or dyes. Essential oils and botanicals make these products smell amazing.

  • Maple Hill Farm, "Sheep Milk Soap -$5, Sheep Milk Lotion - $10.50, Sheep Milk Lotion Travel - $5, Sheep Milk foaming hand soap - $6.50, Lip Balm with Lanolin - $3.25"

Something Special from Wisconsin™ truly lives up to its name. Take a moment to peruse for exceptional companies and products for everyone on your Wisconsin Wish List.

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