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Back to School and Back to Milk

Like many of you, my Facebook newsfeed is filled with adorable pictures of kids going back to school. The first day of school was always terrifyingly frightening and exciting at the same time (even in college!). New teachers, new responsibilities, new friends and new routines all encompass the back to school week.

As kids go back to school I can’t help but wonder if they are still enjoying “milk breaks.” Back in the day, that was one of my favorite parts. When the clock would strike 2:15 pm we would always squirm with excitement and anticipation to who got to go to the milk cooler with our classes crate. Like the rest of my peers, I always picked chocolate milk because now and back then, chocolate is one of my favorite food groups!

Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and other flavored milks all contain the same great nutrient-rich package as white milk. A glass of milk contains the nutrients of vitamin D, calcium, and potassium that the USDA deems under-consumed by most Americans. These nutrients, along with six others, are perfect for building bright minds and strong bones.

As kids go back to school this week, I encourage all parents to ask their kids about their “milk breaks” and perhaps even check in with their classrooms. Click here for great resources for your teacher’s classroom!

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