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Cheeseheads and Cheeseburgers

Ask any seasoned Wisconsinite and they will tell you that the first hamburger was created in Seymour, WI. When you enter the town of Seymour, it’s hard not to miss the elaborate structure that celebrates hamburger history. Although history is a little blurry, the legacy reveals that Charlie Nagreen served the world’s first hamburger at the Seymour Fair in 1885. He decided that instead of serving meatballs, he would flatten a meatball and place it between slices of bread to increase portability.

Wisconsin now has a hamburger history to defend. Everyone has his or her ideal hamburger. In my opinion, hamburgers need cheese to make them complete. My dad insists on pickles, mustard, onions, and Swiss cheese on a Sheboygan hard roll. On the other hand, my mom prefers sharp cheddar and a lot of ketchup. Whether you like your burgers with all of the fixings or straightforward, no matter how you slice it – Wisconsin cheese is a necessity. With nearly 1,200 licensed cheese makers, over 600 types, styles, and varieties, and home to 144 cheese plants, Wisconsin is proud to be known as the “Cheesehead” state.

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