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Wisconsin Farm Technology Days – Recap Day 1

Great conversations and lots of smiles were prevalent in Algoma, Wis., today. Farm Technology Days showcases the latest improvements in production agriculture. This event is the largest agricultural show in Wisconsin and one of the largest in the nation. Row after row you will find vendors that traveled thousands of miles, to those who have called Kewaunee County home their entire life. Opening ceremonies started our day where we thanked the many volunteers who spent countless hours on the many details of the show. From electricity, food, parking, to decorations, each detail makes this show one to remember.

With over 9,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin, we are lucky to have so many great families that have opened their doors to hosting this event in the past. This year's host, the Ebert family, are filled with generosity and humbleness. I’m so thankful that our interest in dairy cattle brought us together and that now we can reconnect over the next few days.

Randy, Renee, Jordan, and Whitney helped us kick off the event with a milk toast to honor their family member, Britney. Although she left our lives too soon, her presence is felt everywhere on the grounds. It is such a privilege to be able to attend these events and meet great people each and every day.


It’s not every day that you receive a personalized cheese box! Meet the Dufeck family of Denmark, WI. They manufacture unique wooden containers for product packing. Follow the link to learn more!


It is my honor to introduce you to the Algoma Kitchen Kids! These four 7th graders are on a mission to get Algoma eating healthier. Today they served kale chips and tomorrow I’m excited to see what they have next on their menu.

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