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Becoming a Host County

Planning an Alice in Dairyland finals

Upcoming Hosts


74th Alice in Dairyland Finals



75th Alice in Dairyland Finals

2022 ▪ Dane County

76th Alice in Dairyland Finals

2023 ▪ Walworth County

Who plans the Alice in Dairyland Finals? 

Each final event is planned by a dedicated group of volunteers based in the host county. The core group of volunteers, referred to as the Steering Committee, is most often made up of community members who represent a wide range of partner organizations with an interest in promoting agriculture in the host county. This could include groups such as Dairy Promotions, UW extension offices, FFA groups, local/regional Chamber of Commerce groups, media and communications businesses, agricultural businesses, and economic and tourism development groups, or individuals such as Alice Alumni, business owners, or community leaders. A Wisconsin Department of Agriculture employ Co-Chairs the Steering committee. The Steering Committee normally meets monthly as a large group, and as needed in Sub-committees for 18 months prior to the finals. The Steering Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the event.

How many volunteers are needed for planning a finals event?

Alice in Dairyland 2019 Green County Committee smiles infront of their logo
Alice in Dairyland poses with event and finale volunteers

The Steering committee members each serve as the lead on at least one sub-committee. Sub-Committees include: Finale & Tickets, Finance, General Arrangements/Logistics, Promotions/ Communications, and Special Events/Monthly Events. Each of these sub-committee heads will recruit additional volunteers as needed to plan and implement projects,

How much does it cost to host an Alice in Dairyland finals?

Alice in Dairyland poses with supporters at a Wisconsin Badgers football game

We recommend the committee raise at least $25,000 to host a finals event. Most planning committees work with a local non-profit willing to serve as a fiscal agent to help manage their funds. The committee solicits donations from local business, civic leaders, and association to support the event. In kind donations of goods and services can be utilized to help offset costs of the event. The overall budget depends on the decisions the planning committees make for venue, food, lodging etc.

Alice in Dairyland poses with supporters outside at a fair booth

Why should we host the Alice in Dairyland finals?

Hosting the Alice in Dairyland finals can bring statewide media attention to your county, as well as driving local interest in the agricultural businesses that call your county home. Throughout the year proceeding your event the current Alice in Dairyland will travel monthly to the host county to participate in special events, agricultural tours, and media interviews. Alice will utilize her statewide platform to speak about host county events, companies and the finals throughout the year as well. This can include print, radio, and television interviews, as well as on social media.

How do we apply to become a host county?

Alice in Dairyland poses with a supporter

Hosting the Alice in Dairyland finals involves a long planning process, applications are reviewed approximately 20-24 months in advance of the event in most cases. Application forms ask for the interested leaders to summarize the resources that are available in their county that could be tapped to help host this event including: volunteers, sponsors, venues, agribusinesses, and hotels.  These resources are preliminary in nature, and help potential committees to organize the information necessary for planning the event.  A request for proposals will be available for the 2023 finals around January of 2021.

Alice in Dairyland poses with the first Christmas tree at the annual Christmas tree cutting
Interested in learning more about hosting the Alice in Dairyland selection process? Contact us below.

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