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Colby Cheese for 2.48/lb – Another success story for Wisconsin Cheese

To celebrate the 48th Anniversary at Dupont Cheese Inc., Hugo Mielke had an idea. Invite the neighborhood over, contact local media outlets, and sell their signature colby cheese for 2.48lb.

The result? During this three day celebration Dupont Cheese sold approximately 1,800 lbs. of colby cheese and had over 550 customers visit the store. In regards to media coverage, Mike Austin from WFRV, WJMQ Radio, Clintonville Tribune, Marion Advertiser and thousands of social media “impressions,” allowed this event to be an incredible success story.

Open for 48 years, the Laack family has owned and operated the Dupont Cheese Factory and store in Marion, Wisconsin. As dozens of locals visited the store, Fred and his wife Ann welcomed many neighbors and friends. Staff called customers out by name, current town stories and current events were shared and of course, excitement about Wisconsin cheese had everyone smiling and laughing.

While dairy farmers and the dairy industry struggle with low milk prices and challenging times, events like this one serve as the perfect reminder what makes America’s Dairyland so special. Our love and pride for Wisconsin Cheese is undeniable and farmers, cheesemakers, and cheeselovers all can celebrate over a product that tastes great and creates a major economic impact.

This event created excitement and revenue for a local business but also brought together the community to remind everyone why the dairy industry is truly a dairy community. I encourage you to go out to your local grocery store or creamery, purchase an extra pound of cheese, an extra gallon of milk or treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream.

Thank you, Dupont Cheese Inc. for this heart-warming reminder of why cheesemaking is the recipe for success in Wisconsin’s $43.4 billion dairy industry.


Hugo and I handed out many samples of fried colby cheese and colby grilled cheese drizzled with real Wisconsin maple syrup.

Colby Cheese

Original to Wisconsin, cheesemakers first produced colby, a close relative of cheddar, in the central Wisconsin town of Colby in 1885. Similar in flavor to cheddar, colby is softer and has a firm, open lacey texture with tiny holes and a higher moisture content. Its mild flavor similar to young cheddar. Cheesemakers spray the curds with cold water and stir them while they are still in the vat to prevent the curds from knitting together. This procedure gives colby a more elastic texture than cheddar.

Fun Fact: Six times a week they process 170,000 lbs. of milk to make 17,000 lbs. of cheese every day!

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