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7 Ways to Make the Season Something Special

1. Give back

Giving to others gives you a feeling of satisfaction. It’s truly better to give rather than receive. There is also the benefit of living in the community that is strengthened by the work of quality non-profits. Whether it is as a gift or just for everyday use you can feel great about purchasing Porchlight Products. These products help staff at Porchlight learn new skills to combat difficult circumstances. Try their delectable dilly beans, rhubarb jam or even their multi-grain pancake mix.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

From stressing about the main course to worrying about which gift to give, remember to take time to enjoy this special time with loved ones. Need a quick and easy way to flavor meats? Look no further than K&L Foods, LLC Uncle Louie's BBQ sauce. For over 50 years Uncle Louie has made this secret family recipe in his home in Mayville, Wis. It’s delicious and Wisconsin made!

3. Make your daily life as simple as possible

Patrick Cudahy understand how crazy life can be. They have delicious lunch packs in ham and turkey and also thick sliced snacks like pepperoni and hard salami. Make a simple ham pickle roll-up or add the salami to your cheeseboard. Either way – by making your daily life easier the holiday season will also seem easier too!

4. Plan a vacation

I get so much joy out of planning a vacation. Whether it’s perusing online for recommendations on the best place to eat or searching for unique things to do – it’s half the fun! I’m pretty biased – but I love to visit Door County. There are so many things to do…and eat! Start your weekend get-away off right with Wienke’s Market. They have delicious homemade goods including Door County cherry pie filling, pickled mushrooms and dill spears with onion and garlic. YUM!

5. Get plenty of rest

During the holidays it can feel like a never ending marathon. It’s a lot of fun to visit friends and family, but it can also get to be quite exhausting. Keep up your energy during the next few weeks by taking time to relax and kick your feet up. Enjoy the little moments that make the holidays so special. Heil Ginseng Capsules may help if you need a little extra energy.

6. Try something new

Whether it’s a new hobby or a new food, don’t be afraid to try something new! One item from the Something Special from Wisconsin™ program that has a lot of people talking is Timber Hill Winery’s Jalapeno Wine. A great addition to a Bloody Mary or a Margarita… or sip it by itself for a unique bold flavor!

A new hobby that I started over Thanksgiving was feeding birds with a little help from The Bird Seeder. Based out of Madison, they have a monthly subscription that sends a different bird seed to you or your loved ones every month. My dad and I picked up a bird feeder from our local Fleet Farm in Plymouth, Wis. It’s been fun to receive different pictures with different birds enjoying this delicious treat! 5% off with the code: ALICE

7. Take the time to celebrate Wisconsin agriculture

Each and every day I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to be able to live in this great state. The diversity of Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is our greatest strength. When you look around your dinner table or marvel at your real Christmas tree, take a little extra time to give thanks to our Wisconsin farmers, agriculturists and agribusiness. Their efforts 365 days a year are truly moving our state forward.

Merry Christmas Wisconsin!

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