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What’s it like to be Alice in Dairyland? A sixth month reflection on this incredible adventure

On May 13, 2017, a new chapter in my life began when I was selected as Wisconsin’s 70th Alice in Dairyland in Brown County. As I reflect back on that moment when my name was announced as the new “Alice," words cannot express the excitement and emotion that I was feeling to be selected so close to home surrounded by a multitude of family and friends.

Just a few weeks later on June 5, 2017, I hit the ground running setting out to help share the story of Wisconsin agriculture to create a better understanding between producers and consumers.

This job is unlike any other. From waking up at 2:30 am for a TV interview, calling many grocery stores in order to make sure they had the perfect type of cheese to use in a presentation, touring incredible farms and agribusinesses, to eating pizza in hotel rooms for three days in a row, I’ve had an incredible journey so far as Wisconsin’s Agriculture Ambassador.

Along the way I have had endless opportunities to explore Wisconsin agriculture in an entirely new way. With 18,000 miles of windshield time under my belt at the six-month mark of serving as the 70th Alice in Dairyland, zero accidents, lots of car karaoke and many stops at Starbucks drive-through stops with a lot of laughs and thousands of meaningful conversations, I’m humbled to have this important job of promoting the agriculture industry that continues to move our state forward.

Even though I grew up as sixth generation dairy girl, I’ve learned that there were many segments of Wisconsin agriculture I was unaware of that drive our state’s economy. Over these last few months, my eyes were opened up to the diversity of Wisconsin’s agriculture community. It has been an absolute joy to tell this story no matter where my travels take me and sharing the many ways that our daily lives are impacted by Wisconsin agriculture, from the food on our kitchen tables, fuel in our vehicles and clothes in our closets.

When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to be outgoing and enthusiastic. Talking about Wisconsin and especially Wisconsin agriculture is something that comes naturally. Alice in Dairyland has such a unique opportunity to incorporate the importance of agriculture into conversations each and every day. For me, that’s the perfect job description that fits my personality and passion.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have made these last six months the best six months of my life. Looking forward to the next six months continuing to share the stories of Wisconsin agriculturists and farmers.

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