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Wisconsin Farm Technology Days - Recap Day 3

The last few days I have had hundreds of conversations with business owners, vendors, volunteers, attendees, and many Wisconsin residents. Hearing stories about the "good ol' days," to learning about new technology helped make my time at the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days one to remember for the rest of my life.

To Kewaunee County - If any county knows how to host an event, it's this group of fantastic people. Your hospitality and kindness could be felt on the entire grounds. From golf cart rides, cheese and crackers, to just taking the time to talk, the volunteers and the executive committee truly made the difference.

To the Ebert family - I've been so fortunate that our love for dairy cattle introduced us many years ago. Interacting with a family who is so committed to their community and the dairy industry makes me even more excited to represent our $43.4 billion dairy industry each and every day.


Bats and Agriculture? An important combination! Meet "Rafiki," a large flying fox who is native to Africa, posed for a picture.

Bats help eat agricultural pests, which in turn help reduce the pesticides needed. They love eating corn borers, corn earworm, cutworm moths, potato beetles, and grasshoppers. In turn, they are saving Wisconsin farmers between $658 million - $1.5 billion annually.


I had a chance to visit the Kid's Tent today and I know that I could've spent the entire day there. From fun kid games like "pick up the manure" to meeting cute farm animals, there was something to do for kids of all ages (including myself!). One of my favorite parts was learning about the many careers in agriculture from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

Goliath the mini horse

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