Adventures in Agriculture

“How many of you come from a farm?” I always ask this question when speaking with elementary students. Occasionally, one or two students will raise their hands. More often, they tell me stories of visiting their grandparents’ farms on weekends or holidays.  

Our state i...

Mother Nature has shown her true color in 2019: white. This year, it seems we can’t escape the constant snowstorms and freezing temperatures. Bundled up in my Wisconsin mink coat, I am fortunate that my adventures have kept me indoors the past few months. Unfortunately...

Agriculture and the dairy industry have driven the state’s economy for over 175 years, but there is and will also be new, uncharted territory to discover. For more than 50 years, the first week of October has been designated to celebrating where the industry has been a...

No matter how far we travel in life, we all carry traditions with us to keep the memories of where we came from alive. This is certainly true for Marieke and Rolf Penterman who brought their traditions across land and sea to share in Wisconsin. I had the honor of seein...

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