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Discover the Wonders of Walworth County

Why Walworth?

For the first time in 73 years, Walworth County was selected to host the state-wide finals. We are excited to use this opportunity to highlight the wonders of agriculture and tourism in our corner of the state.
Leading up to the finals, Alice in Dairyland will visit the county and showcase the diversity of Walworth County agriculture. Among those that will benefit from the program will include the family-owned farms, food processors, and agriculture related businesses that generate thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity. 

Nearly 53% of Walworth County is farmland. As one of the top tourist destinations in the state, the pastoral landscape is a valuable asset to the county.

Agriculture as a whole generates $894.8 million in economic activity, or 11.4% of the county's total economic activity.

Our agriculture activity is extremely diverse. In addition to the production of grain and dairy, our farmers grow a wide range of livestock and horticultural crops. The direct marketing of vegetables, meats, cheeses, and fruits is a rapidly growing segment of our agriculture.

Agriculture provides 4,347 jobs in Walworth County. These jobs include farm owners, managers, and employees, veterinarians, crop and livestock consultants, feed, fuel, and other crop input suppliers, farm machinery dealers, barn builders, agriculture lenders, and other professionals. Many others are employed in food processing and ancillary business.

Horticulture is a critical piece of the county's economy. Walworth County's sales of Christmas tree, fruits and vegetables, as well as green house, nursery, and floriculture products add up to $3.8 million. Landscape, grounds maintenance, and tree-care businesses create even more full-time and seasonal jobs for the county.

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